We believe in the power of hard work, dedication to our craft and exceeding expectation at every turn. We believe that the process we have developed around these principles truly yields both a product and a client relationship you'd be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. Everything we do is designed around a single focus - the client's goal. Whether it be a top for his new line of boats, or a canvas product that can be used to clear oil slicks from our lakes and oceans, we work with our clients to identify their need, and fill it. That's when the fun begins.

Unmatched Canvas Design

Canvas design is more than just measurements and calculations. It takes an eye for design, an understanding of how canvas moves and flows, and recognition of how to design in production efficiencies that really defines our process.

One of our first considerations in any canvas product we design is end-user appeal. It needs a form factor that will resound with consumers, and funtionality that makes sense for them. Sounds simple, but it is definitely not everyone's approach to canvas design.

At the same time, we are mindful of the needs of our OEM customers - efficient pricing, quick turnaround and the ability to offer superior quality in every piece are also key attributes designed into our canvas.

Rapid Prototyping

We've had more than 40 years experience in efficiently assessing our customer's needs and quickly turning that assessment into a full prototype. From there, our customers can evaluate (offer kudos) and approve for production.

Our prototyping process is straightforward. Once we have a design in mind, we put pattern to paper. Then paper to canvas. We develop a full prototype - often on site at our client's manufacturing facility with our mobile sewing room. We take time out of the process wherever possible, without ever sacrificing quality or thoroughness.

Our engineers and designers are our company's owners. So when they create the prototype, you can be assured what you are seeing in this stage, is what you will see rolling out of our facility in any quantity ordered.

Reliable, Quality Production

This is where we truly stand out from the competition. With American-made pride, our skilled employees are committed to unsurpassed quality and consistency in production - delivered on time and to spec.

For us, reliability goes beyond our capacity to produce. Reliability defines a key component of our partnership with our clients. Our clients rely on us not only to meet delivery deadlines, but also to be there to work together to solve challenges as they arise.

Additionally, quality is more than just how we build each piece that comes off our line. Quality production is end-to-end - from design, through prototyping, to order production and delivery and continued exemplary customer service.