American Canvas Products is dedicated to providing the best in design and manufacturing in all we produce. We have been able to take our experience and expertise in the marine market and apply it to other markets - yielding superior canvas products across several industries. We have developed canvas solutions for business-to-business customers, as well as business-to-consumer customers.

Highlights from recent specialty industry work include:

  • pet care
    doggy diapers - durable, cotton stain control garments that protect your furnishings and carpets from dogs in heat, "puppy mistakes," and incontinent animals

  • health care
    The Belly-Opt - an ergonomic, versatile and useful pillow designed to provide comfort for pregnant moms, and those with severe back pain

  • sporting goods
    ice fishing shanties - lightweight, durable and portable, they allow fishermen protection from the elements as well as the freedom to easily move and try their luck anywhere.
    Duffle bags

  • environmental/conservation
    oil slick removal - used to safely remove oil from lakes and rivers after a spill
    canvas/cotton grocery bags

  • entertainment/family fun
    bowling bumper guards - used in bowling alleys as part of family fun events - they are placed in lane gutters to prevent kids from throwing gutter balls
    Cleaar Vinyl Stadium bags that conform to new NCAA and pro sports requirements.
    Grill covers