Fits Like Custom -
every time

Our canvas is designed and built with tailor-made
quality so every boat that leaves your facility looks
like it's been individually fitted.

Our Service
is simply

We bend over backwards to deliver more than
product. We deliver a partnershp and a promise
to work with you to satisfy your customers' canvas needs.


Quality begins
with knowing
what quality is.

Too often, inferior materials and a lack of
focus on end customer needs drive canvas quality
down. Our decades of experience mean we not only
know quality, we know how to build it in.


Skilled craftsman held
to the highest standard.

Our employees - engineers, cutters, sewers, packers
and more- all take pride in delivering world-class
product, Made in the U.S.A.

We Specialize in Canvas Product
Design and Manufacturing for OEMs.

We design custom canvas solutions for a wide variety of OEM manufacturers across many industries - marine to pet supplies, healthcare aids to environmental clean up. American Canvas Products is committed to excellence in canvas product design, production, delivery and, above all, service to our customers.

We have more than 45 years of experience in working with leading manufacturers and suppliers to deliver American-made canvas solutions that are simply unmatched. Want to see more? Check out our marine market and specialty markets sections.

What We Do

Unmatched Canvas Design

Canvas design is more than just measurements and calculations. It takes an eye for design, an understanding of how canvas moves and flows, and recognition of how to design in production efficiencies that really defines our design process.

Rapid Prototyping

We've had more than 40 years experience in efficiently assessing our customer's needs and quickly turning that assessment into a full prototype. From there, our customers can evaluate (offer kudos) and approve for production.

Reliable, Quality Production

This is where we truly stand out from the competition. With American-made pride, our skilled employees are committed to unsurpassed quality and consistency in production - delivered on time and to spec.